For divorces effective after 12/31/2018 and alimony agreements modified after 12/31/18: There will be no deduction for alimony paid and no including of alimony received.

Itemized Deductions

2018 Medical Expenses: Deductible after being reduced by 7.5% of AGI. (Does not include over-the-counter items) State, local, and sales tax deduction are now limited to $10,000 MFJ Personal Casualty and Theft Loss Deductions are allowed only if a disaster is declared...

Capital Gains Rates

If your Taxable Income is Filing as Capital Gains Rate 0-$38,600 Single or Married filing separate 0 0-$77,200 Married filing joint 0 0-51,700 Head of Household 0 $38,601-$425,800 Single 0.15 $77,201-$479,000 Married file joint 0.15 $51,701-$452,400 Head of Household...

Health Insurance Mandate

This penalty is removed beginning in 2019 The market place is not eliminated, just the requirement to have insurance. Large employers with 50 or more employees are still required to offer health insurance

Child Deductions

$2,000 Child Tax Credit for children under the age of 17 Maximum of $1,400 of this credit is refundable $500.00 Non-refundable credit for children and dependents over age 17