Currently, you’re water and electric can’t be shut-off for non-payment, but once the National Emergency ends, you will have to make-up those skipped payments! Same goes for credit cards and collections.

If you can pay your bills, continue to do so. If you can’t pay your bills, take these steps:

  1. Make a Budget – Now’s a great time to set those budget goals! Take a look at past statements. How much money do you make in a month and what are your required monthly expenses. Write it all down and do the math. The company’s you speak with will want to know how you plan on paying for what you owe when the emergency ends.
  2. Talk with the utility company, ask them to defer your payments.  Also ask about making catch-up payments once you are able to return to work
  3. Talk to the credit card companies. If you can make some payment to them, see if you can negotiate lower interest rates. Paying a lower interest rate will have a bigger benefit than skipping a payment.

If you need help with a budget, contact our office at 941-358-3191.  We can help you get started!